GDHH-126 What’s In There! What?Please!Take It …!

GDHH-126 “What’s In There! What?Please!Take It …! “Always Insert The Rotor Into The Beacon In The Gap Where Defenseless And Selfish Childhood Friend Sleeps! What?Childhood Friendhood Is Panic When I Switch It On! What?Even Though I Tried Desperately Trying To Get A Rotor, I Could Not Get In And Go Back And Forth! What?I Will Give You More … GDHH-126″什么是在那里! 什么?求你了拿着..! “总是插入转子到信标在手无寸铁的和自私的童年朋友睡觉的差距! 什么?童年的友谊是恐慌,当我打开它! 什么?即使我拼命想得到一个转子,我不能进去,来回走! 什么?我会给你更多。.. GDHH-126 『何が入ってるの!?お願い!取ってぇ…!』いつも無防備で勝手な幼馴染が居眠りしている隙にローターをマ●コにこっそり挿入!?スイッチを入れたら幼馴染は大慌て!?必死にローターを取ろうとしてもどんどん奥に入って取れなくなっちゃった!?更にボクが取ってあげる…

ID: GDHH-126
Release Date: 2018-11-07
Length: 195 min(s)
Director: Korosuke
Maker: Golden Time
Label: HHH Group
Genre(s): VibeSchool GirlsUnderwearNasty, HardcoreSchool Uniform
Cast: Imai Mai ,Shinosaki Mio

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